THE JUNE EXPERIMENT was a SUCCESS. It was a period to think and learn and grow and read and listen and talk! I feel, it was my most HONEST month this year.

There is truth behind the CLICHÉ.

I love motivational quotes. Motivational quotes are basically that, clichés and truth. By the first day of June, I had gotten a new phone. An Infinix Zero 3! What seems to be the common theme of Infinix-es is they display new motivational quotes each time you turn on its display.

During a camping trip with some lady friends on the weekend I got the phone, we made fun of each new quote that popped up. They asked from time to time, ‘What does your phone say now?’

At the end of the trip though, as each lady was going to their respective homes, one of them pulled me aside and said,

“You should probably LISTEN to what your phone says.”

And listen I did. That was the experiment, to listen to my phone and find the truth behind my phone’s words.

JUNE was amazing. This is a month I truly thought about what ‘TO LIVE’ meant to me. Then I made a list of what ‘TO LIVE’ meant to me, with the most important first.

1. To be HEALTHY
Mind, body and soul; and keep them balanced and active and hopeful and positive.

To LOVE.jpeg
Protecting the little one from my camera. Naivasha

2. To LOVE

Everyone and everything for all they are and all they could be.

To TRAVEL.jpeg
Sunset by the beach. Kilifi

To the common and the hidden and expand my possibilities.


I AM right here right now and I need to leave ‘it’ better than I found it.


To EAT.jpeg
Fruits and wine kinda evening. Kampala, Uganda

5. To EAT
The good, the strange and the exciting. Since monotony is for cowards and my palate needs to be expanded.

Devil’s Bedroom. Njorowa Gorge, Hell’s Gate National Park

Turning on my phone display right about now, it speaks, ‘As soon as you TRUST yourself, you will know how to LIVE.’

Go forth and find your TRUTH!!


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