Congo River, July, 2016


Bringing about all sorts of feelings of anxiety such as worry and fear. It’s apparently okay to feel worried and be fearful.

Identify the feelings you are having and why and work through them. This is how I do it:

  1. Take on more adventures

I cannot stand to stay in one place, because staying in one place equates to staying in one state of mind. My state of mind at that time is a state of anxiety and insecurity. I do not know what the next moment will bring, the next moment will be different and different can be unpleasant.  I try my best to control my next moments by controlling what I’m immersing myself in.

Funzi Island, August, 2016
  1. Connect more with people

Staying with my thoughts is staying with my anxieties. I have to listen to more peoples’ stories, which chapter of their lives are they in, what are they conquering now; so as to distract myself from my own life that I’m supposedly not controlling because, ANXIETY.

Tsavo National Park, August, 2016
  1. Try new hobbies

I like to learn, I like to create, I like it simple. When these three come together perfectly, then we can try it. Taking up a new hobby is another distraction. Keeps one focused on this new and exciting thing.

Indian Ocean, August, 2016
  1. Evolve

The only thing constant is change. After all the scary stuff is over, you evolve and it’s all sorts of awesome!!


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