I WORRY about the things I CANNOT change. I WORRY about the things I CAN. I worry that the things I think I cannot change might be things I can change and the things I think I can change are things I actually cannot.

When I listen to my mind, I WORRY.

I am also equally, FREE-SPIRITED. I do what my heart says more often than necessary. I GO when it says GO and STOP when it tells me to. I ignore everything else and question very little.

When I listen to my heart, I FLOW.

In between the worrying and the flowing is a LIST. A list of things I have to have to win the argument between my MIND and my HEART.

Here’s the list for my current milestone:

  1. I get to experience a new HAPPY

Have we met? Then you know how much I preach about happiness. From celebrating your smile to leaving notes. I get to experience this with a whole new set of strangers.

  1. I get to create a new HOME

Where my mother is, will always be my safe place. I have always been within, at least, driving distance of my mother. Very soon, I will not be. I will have to create another safe place. Daunting, but doable. Let’s do it!

  1. I get to learn a new LANGUAGE

This goes without saying, I NEED to learn a new language. Aside from listening to audio lessons and using subtitles for practice, I get to immerse myself in the culture and the everyday lifestyle of it.

  1. I get to GROW

I get to build a new box and redefine its boundaries, all by myself. How grown up am I now?


Right now, my HEART is winning!!


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