Exactly a year ago on this date, I made a vow to make the next 12 months my year of ‘Yes!’ my year to be BOLD, my year to follow my heart and listen to my intuition. A vow made midair plunging towards the always beautiful Diani beach just after I had jumped out of a plane.


Well, it’s been 12 months. My ‘Yes!’ brought a lot of adventure and heartbreak. The adventure allowed for travel and being exposed to culture with some heartbreak of realizing later that a ‘Yes!’ should have been a definite ‘NO!!”. Following my heart led me down a path to discover my strength and to experience my weakness while intuition taught me purpose.


Through these 12 months, the following four statements remain true;

  1. Ask

Ask for help. Ask for what you want, when you want it. Ask when you don’t understand. Ask for clarification. Ask for time. Ask for space. Ask.

  1. Connect

Get past the small talk and really talk. Look them in the eye and let them realize you’re there to give.

  1. Be honest

With yourself, with your people and with your God (whatever you perceive your God to be).

  1. Stay vulnerable

Wear your heart on your sleeve.


Here’s to another amazingly bold 12 months

I am woman, hear me roar’ Helen Reddy


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