Salzach, Salzburg, Austria April, 2017

I cherish my 65% water weight and how it draws me to flowing water. Every city I have visited, I have spent at least an hour by its large water’s edge, SILENT. Folklore has it that water is important for our mental health and spiritual balance.


I seek balance! Always and in everything.


I sat on a bench recently (Yes, another bench!) along the River Salzach in Salzburg, Austria, the birthplace of Wolgang Amadeus Mozart. I followed instructions on a sign nearby requesting one to close their eyes in silence and listen for the spirit of Mozart.

I, however, heard nothing. Apart from my heart telling my head, ‘We need to get in the water!’

So find me here, by ‘this’ water’s edge, watching the ripples and listening to the birds, waiting till it’s warm enough to go in.


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