Dresden, Germany May, 2017

Be still my yearning heart, SUNNY DAYS are here!!


I am in my third season in Europe, mid-Spring. I am from a country where the equator crosses at approximately the middle of it. This gives us pretty regular and not so extreme temperature differences throughout the year. Having lived in the coast province for a little over a year, I was used to the amazing heat. Sometimes irritating, but mostly amazing.


Then I moved to Europe last fall!! Big shock in terms of temperature. I, however, made through it bravely.


Summer is coming up, and with it, a holiday. I seek to explore. But, so does everyone else apparently. I have been given a few cautions and advice on how to have the best of my first summer here. Here’s what stuck:

  1. Plan way ahead

Flights and train tickets are cheaper when booked earlier, obviously. Summer being a quite popular season, prevent mainly heartbreaks when you cannot get to your desired destination in time.

  1. Do only what’s necessary

One cannot go to all the sights and attractions within a short holiday. So, prioritize. Do what you can in the time, and leave the rest for the next holiday.

  1. Seek the adventurous path

There are attractions that are pretty well advertised, which will definitely draw the crowds. So how about exploring the attractions popular to locals, with less traffic.

  1. Make time for the park

With summer, one will tend to move slower. Give yourself time to just relax!


Have an amazing summer!!


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